Kamala Harris is a 'danger' to the Democratic Party: Rep. Zach Nunn

Republican Rep. Zach Nunn of Iowa warned the prospect of a Kamala Harris presidency is "more frightening" than a second term for President Biden in a TV interview on Thursday.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends," Nunn related that several of his Democratic colleagues have told him they think Biden will no longer be their party's nominee after his widely panned debate performance against former President Trump. 

"They're okay with that. And they're ready for President Trump to win. They want their shot four years from now," Nunn said. "Look, the reality is that Harris is a danger to not only the Democratic Party, but would be a far worse leader in the White House." 

He went on to raise concerns about Biden's health and ability to serve in office for the remaining seven months of his first term.

"We saw President Biden on television for 90 minutes, and it frightened the entire country. But the reality is we've got this man trying to lead the greatest nation in the world for the next six months. That should scare everyone, regardless of party. This is a bipartisan concern for his health, yes,  but also for the health of the entire country right now. Being under this man's watch is a danger to all of us." 

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