James Carville declares that Biden still running is an 'idiotic choice' for the country

Democratic Party strategist James Carville doubled down on stating President Biden should be replaced as the party’s presidential nominee, saying that keeping him in the race is an "idiotic choice."

The former Bill Clinton adviser made the statement on CNN Tuesday night, telling anchor Anderson Cooper that Democrats are losing to Republicans following Biden’s poor debate performance nearly two weeks ago, and that they need to adjust ahead of November.

"I think we got to have a change, I just genuinely do," Carville declared. 

Earlier this week, the pundit told NewsNation that it’s "inevitable" that Biden will step down from his campaign as the calls for him to do so from the media and people in his own party have only increased in the time since his debate performance. 

"He’s going to come to the conclusion that this is just not a good idea and he’s going to resist it and he’s going to listen to his family," he said.

Carville became more forceful with his opinion on Biden’s situation Tuesday, slamming Biden’s team for how they’ve handled things following the president’s debate. 

"I watch some of these press conferences and it reminds of a book they made me read in college called ‘Ship of Fools,’ a bunch of desperate people sailing into disaster."

He then told Cooper it would be a huge mistake if he stayed in the race, as the president and his team have been saying they intend to do. 

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