Fetterman knocks “strange” Pelosi comments on Biden; Warnock leaves door open for change at top of ticket

Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman criticized former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for suggesting Biden needed to decide on his political future, calling Pelosi’s remarks “strange.”

“Well it’s been very clear, he said it, ‘I’m in.’ It’s closed. It’s a strange thing for her to say,” Fetterman said.  

Fetterman also downplayed concerns voiced by some of his Democratic colleagues about Biden’s electability, telling CNN that “there’s a small, small number of people that have different kinds of views throughout all that.”

When asked about a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with Senate Democrats and lead Biden campaign advisers, Fetterman said he would be “showing up with brass knuckles.”

“I’m all in on Joe Biden, and I’m going to make my views very, very clear on that. And I guess we’ll see, perhaps there’ll be different kinds of views, but mine – mine’s not going to change,” Fetterman said.

Sen. Raphael Warnock, a Georgia Democrat, also spoke to reporters about concerns with Biden’s White House bid.

 “The contrast between these two people couldn’t be sharper. And it’s the work of campaigns to continue to make that case,” Warnock said. “And obviously, there’ve been issues that have been raised as a result of the debate, and we’ll, you know, I’ll be listening here.”

When asked if he thought there should be a change at the top of the ticket, Warnock left the door open. 

“I think that I’ve already stated that I support the president, very proud of the work that we’ve been able to do together. But there is a conversation that’s clearly happening, right, in the public. And part of the process of democracy is you listen, which the president is doing, and responding in kind,” Warnock said.

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