DNC should be in 'panic mode' over donor exodus, former Democratic fundraiser says: 'Disastrous'

Daily Caller columnist Will Pierce, a former Biden supporter and Democratic campaign fundraiser, told "Fox & Friends" Friday that the DNC is facing a potential election disaster as prominent party donors declare their checkbooks are closed until the president is replaced on the 2024 ticket.

"I would be in a panic mode, because this is the thing – you know, as we're going into Q3, this is make or break when it comes to fundraising for political fundraising. And now that you have these donors that are leaving, where's this money coming from? If you're Democratic staff or the Democratic committee overall, how are you going to fund not only the top of the race, but your down ticket races?" Pierce said. 

"It's just a very disastrous thing. And right now, the Democratic Party, instead of stepping up and saying, 'Hey, what's good for the party and for the country,' they're looking to say, 'Oh, no, let's just have Biden serve.' It's a very ridiculous moment right now."

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