Criticisms mount that Biden is a 'shadow' of himself after disastrous debate

The White House has attempted to dismiss President Biden's gaffes, miscues and mental acuity concerns as little more than the product of "cheap fakes" and misinformation, but one of Biden's current political rivals – who previously served alongside him – says unequivocally that the Biden seen during a disastrous national debate is "not the same man" he once knew.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, served as physician to the president during both the Obama and Trump administrations and previously worked in the White House Medical Unit during the George W. Bush administration. It was during his time spent serving under former President Obama that he was able to most closely observe Biden, then the vice president.

"I was in the White House when Joe Biden was VP, and the man we’ve seen since announcing his candidacy is not the same man who was VP for 8 years," Jackson said. 

Thursday’s debate was riddled with Biden tripping over his words, speaking in a far more subdued tenor than during his vice presidency, having a raspy and unsure voice and losing his train of thought at times. The debate unleashed panic among Democratic allies and members of the media, as they remarked his debate performance was a failure that added fuel to the fire surrounding concerns about Biden’s mental acuity and age. 

Biden's mental fitness has become a focal point this election season, with Trump routinely slamming the president for his garbled language in public remarks and repeated instances of Biden appearing confused while trying to find an exit off of a stage after public events. 

Now, many Democrats are asking if Biden can continue to serve as the party's nominee. 

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