Catch up on the testimony so far

The prosecution called its first witnesses after both sides delivered opening statements to the jury in Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial.

The trial is centered around a 2021 shooting on the scene of “Rust” that killed Halyna Hutchins, the film’s cinematographer, and injured one other person.

The prosecution has been walking their two law enforcement witnesses through their body-worn camera footage to tell the story of what happened in the aftermath of the shooting.

Here’s what to know:

Nicholas Lefleur

  • He was a deputy at the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department at the time of the shooting and testified that he was the first person to arrive on the scene.
  • Body camera footage shows Lefleur arriving at Bonanza Ranch and quickly requesting a helicopter to transport Hutchins. The footage also shows Baldwin telling Lefleur, “I was holding the gun, yeah.”
  • Lefleur is seen sitting with Baldwin outside while he is detained, with several crew members standing around talking about what happened.
  • On cross-examination, the defense played the 911 call about the shooting. A woman, who says she is a script supervisor, said “we’ve had two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun. We need help immediately.”

Timoteo Benavidez

  • The prosecution’s second witness was a former Sante Fe Police Department lieutenant who was the day shift command on the day of the 2021 shooting on the “Rust” set.
  • The prosecution showed the jury the gun used in the shooting. Benavidez identified the gun and testified that armorer, Hannah Gutierrez, handed it to him. He put the gun in the front seat of his car.
  • When he checked the gun, Benavidez testified that there were no rounds in it. He said he did not know who else handled the gun between the shooting and when it was handed to him. He also said he didn’t know what happened to the rounds.

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