Bret Baier predicts 'shift' toward Kamala Harris in coming days

Fox News anchor Bret Baier said the Democrats who are now calling on President Biden to resign are likely reacting to a deluge of polls showing President Biden sinking after his disastrous debate performance.

"What has changed in the past 24 hours is we are starting to get more and more internal polls, and more external polls, public polls about the ramifications of Thursday's debate. And there are internal polls, we are told by Democratic lawmakers, that show Joe Biden now losing Virginia, New Hampshire and New Mexico to Donald Trump," Baier said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends." 

"Those kind of numbers scare the crap out of everybody on down the ticket," he explained, noting that Democrats fear Biden's sagging numbers could cause them to lose the House and the Senate. 

Baier predicted that Vice President Kamala Harris will continue to be the focus of positive media coverage for the White House in case she is called upon to replace Biden. 

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