Biden speaks with Congressional Black Caucus to discuss election

President Biden spoke on the phone Monday with the Congressional Black Caucus about November's election and what role the caucus will play in his re-election campaign.

A spokesperson for the Biden campaign confirmed the call to Fox News Digital:

"Tonight, President Biden joined a call with the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss the November election," the spokesperson said. "Chairman Horsford opened the call, former Chairman Beatty introduced President Biden, and Congressman Clyburn closed the call."

"During the conversation, President Biden thanked those on the call, talked about the stakes of this election, and the critical role CBC leaders will play in reelecting him and beating Donald Trump," the spokesperson continued.

Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., released a statement after the call saying she stands with Biden for another four years "because he's consistently stood with my community."

"President Biden spoke extensively about his plans to uplift Black Americans and grow Black wealth," Wilson wrote. "He's already increased Black wealth and if we elect him for another four years, we can continue to slash Black poverty and help Black Americans thrive."

"Today's call reaffirmed my support for Biden and Harris," she continued. "Undermining Biden only weakens our resolve to defeat Donald Trump in November. I reject Trump's racism and authoritarianism and stand firmly for democracy. And in November, everyone holding 'Black jobs' are going to send Donald Trump back whining to Mar-a-Lago! This election is a clear choice between democracy and authoritarianism, and we choose democracy every day."

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