Biden should 'debate Trump in the next week or so': Doug Schoen

Democratic pollster Doug Schoen called on President Biden to prove he's capable to take on former President Trump by accepting Trump's challenge to debate again "anytime" as soon as possible. 

"He has to do a cognitive test right away, independent doctors and release it. I also think he should take Donald Trump and his campaign up on his invitation to debate any time. If Joe Biden wants to prove that he is up to the job, he should debate Trump in the next week or so, as Trump has offered to do," Schoen said Friday on "The Ingraham Angle." 

Schoen also said it would be best for Democrats if Biden exits the race. 

"I also believe that the kind of gaffes Biden is making, and his indecision and uncertainty makes it very clear he should get out quickly. We Democrats need an open, transparent mini primary so that the best man or woman wins it. Will it create excitement in the electorate? It will galvanize a convention into a real process. And it's really the only way my party can have a new candidate with a new message."

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