Biden campaign chair admits 'bad debate' but insists president more healthy than most donors: Report

President Biden's campaign chair fielded questions from distraught donors on Monday, but assured them that the president is “probably in better health than most of us.”

Campaign chair Jennifer O'Malley Dillon made damage control calls to top Biden donors throughout the weekend. Biden pollster Molly Murphy also admitted that Biden had a "bad debate," and assured donors on the call that the campaign is "not ignoring" the feedback, according to NBC News.

“I will start with what we all know, but we are seeing it in our own polls, as well: The president had a bad performance in Thursday’s debate,” Biden pollster Molly Murphy said on the call. “He has been upfront about that, and that is coming through in our polls. We’re looking at that. We are not ignoring that and we want to understand what that means for voters.”

One donor told NBC that they were not convinced by the call and plans to redirect donations away from Biden's campaign.

“I  won’t sit on the sidelines, but it's hard and getting a lot harder to donate directly to the campaign given their judgement,” the donor reportedly said.

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