Beryl will create dangerous beach conditions on the US Gulf Coast during the holiday weekend

Rain and wind from Beryl aren’t expected to reach the US until early next week, but parts of the country will still feel its impact this weekend. Beryl will likely create dangerous rip currents along much of the US Gulf Coast for the holiday weekend.

“Life-threatening beach conditions” will begin Friday afternoon and persist through the weekend for the Gulf Coast, the National Hurricane Center warned Thursday morning. 

“Beachgoers should be extremely wary of these conditions over the holiday weekend,” the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi urged Thursday. 

Fourth of July weekend is one of the most popular beach weekends of the year as people flock to the coasts to beat the summertime heat. Widespread high temperatures in the 90s for the Gulf Coast this weekend will likely have people seeking out said relief. 

Rip currents can be spotted from the shore but are tricky to see for anyone already in the water. This dangerous hazard can overwhelm even the strongest swimmers.

Late last month, eight people died in rip currents off the coast of Florida in just a four-day span. 

At least 19 people have lost their lives in rip currents this year in the US or its territories, according to the National Weather Service. More than a third of these deaths occurred along the Gulf Coast.

Learn more about rip currents here.

Rip current risk levels are shown today across the Gulf Coast. Red is the highest level of risk, followed by yellow and white. Most of the coast will be at risk of rip currents by this weekend.

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