Among Biden allies, raising concerns can get you branded 'potentially disloyal': Reporter

An Axios reporter said Thursday that that one of the keys to remaining a longtime member of President Biden’s staff is not delivering bad news.

Axios reporter Alex Thompson suggested that there was something conspicuous about how some specific aides were reportedly blamed for the president's debate debacle that has prompted calls for him to drop out of the 2024 race.

President Biden's family reportedly blamed certain members of his staff for his rocky debate performance last week. "The family's criticism was directed specifically toward Anita Dunn, the senior adviser who frequently has the president’s ear; her husband, Bob Bauer, the president’s attorney who played Donald Trump in rehearsals at Camp David; and Ron Klain, the former chief of staff who ran point on the debate prep and previous cycles’ sessions," Politico reported, citing sources briefed on the family's conversations.

"I do find it really striking the fact that, you know, Anita and Bob, while their names are being out there and blamed, they're also the ones that have been around him for the shortest amount of time," Thompson said on CNN. "And I mean, they've been with him since 2015, but you know, Steve Ricchetti, Bruce Reed, Mike Donilon have been with them for decades and are not being blamed in this conversation, which is really striking."

While the reporter said that the latter set of aides have been credited for being able to "speak truth to power" there is a "feeling among a lot of Biden world that they are much less willing to do that to Joe Biden than Anita and Bob and Ron Klain have been."

He argued that "part of this is because there's a culture within parts of Biden world that if you raise problems, that it can be deemed as potentially disloyal."

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