Americans reflect on whether President Biden should step down after debate performance

President Biden's dismal debate performance has sparked panic in the Democratic Party, and now several voters from across the country told Fox News Digital they think Biden should step aside for a new candidate.

"Pass the torch," Chicago resident Kareem said. "I don't think he's doing the things that he's supposed to be doing."

Rohan from Florida agreed that the Democrats should "do a swap out."

"I don't think [Biden's] running the show," Rohan said. "I think that there's people behind him that are running the show right now, and I find that pretty troubling."

But Trey from Nebraska said Biden has made decisions to "progress America and at least move us forward."

"He's definitely not where I'd want him to be, but I'd rather have a candidate who's a little sleepy when he has a cold than a candidate with 34 convicted felonies," Trey said while visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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