Whoopi Goldberg Tells Cuban Americans How To Be Cuban Americans

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg spent some time during Monday’s broadcast explaining to Cuban Americans how they could be better Cuban Americans.

Goldberg, who is not from Cuba, scolded immigrants from the communist-controlled island and suggested that they were not very smart if they supported former President Donald Trump.

The conversation began with Goldberg’s complaint that Republicans are still rallying behind Trump and offering their support in spite of his recent conviction in the Manhattan hush-money trial.


Goldberg claimed that anyone who could support Trump must actually want to be ruled by a dictator, and then suggested that the former president’s supporters did not understand the United States Constitution.

Ana Navarro, whose parents fled to the United States from Nicaragua, followed that up with her assessment of the Republicans in the Senate who were still supporting Trump.

“Some people have emotional support dogs. Donald Trump has emotional support senators,” she said. “But worst amongst them is the senator from my state of Florida, Marco Rubio.”


“All my life I have heard the Cuban people say, ‘We never want to see that, we’re going to make sure it never happens here.’ How can they not recognize when the man says, I’m going to be this guy? What are we missing?” she asked

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