What does James Clapper have to do with Hunter Biden's trial?

James Clapper is the former director of National Intelligence under former President Barack Obama.

Clapper signed the heavily scrutinized letter along with 50 additional former intelligence officials  just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop had "all the earmarks" of a Russian effort to influence the vote.

The laptop was brought into federal court this week in Delaware during the first son’s criminal trial on charges brought against him by Special Counsel David Weiss.

When asked if he regretted signing the letter in 2020, after the Justice Department formally acknowledged the laptop’s legitimacy, Clapper replied: “No.”

Clapper also refused to publicly remove his name from the letter despite evidence proving the device and its contents were legitimate and would not concede he and the other former intelligence officials who signed on should have waited longer to weigh in.

The laptop, filled with videos and photos of drug use, sex acts and sensitive business communications, was shown to the jury last week during the trial in an effort to prove the president's son lied about using drugs on a gun purchase form. 

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty.

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