'WE SHOULD BE WORRIED': Voters consider Biden's mental acuity ahead of CNN Presidential Debate

Americans weighed in on President Biden's age and mental state ahead of his debate with former President Trump

Voters across the country weighed in on President Biden's age and mental acuity ahead of this week's CNN Presidential Debate.

"Every day seems like he's not competent for the role," one man told Fox News Digital in Fresno, Calif. "Trump on the other hand, he has not showed those same inconsistencies. But with Biden yeah, I think that it's an issue. As Americans, we should be worried."

But Melind, an undecided voter from California, said Biden's age isn't a concern for him.

"I don't think Biden's that bad," Melind said while in Oregon City, Oregon. "I mean, you can trip and fall … if you can laugh it off, that's fine."

President Joe Biden

Voters across the country who spoke with Fox News Digital largely agreed that President Joe Biden is showing signs of slowing down. But some said they'll likely vote for him anyway. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)


President Biden and former President Trump will meet on the debate stage on Thursday in Atlanta. Republicans and even some Democrats have continued to raise concerns about the current president's mental state as the 81-year-old seeks re-election. Biden is already the oldest president in American history.

"Do I think Biden is smart? Yes, I do, but I also feel like because he is aging … he may be more persuaded to give in when he shouldn't because he's just, you know, people get tired and at the age he's at," Takiya from Alexandria, Virginia, said. "He's really just tired."

In Chicago, Cody said he's not necessarily against Biden. But after seeing a video of the president appearing to freeze at a Juneteenth event earlier this month, Cody's "starting to question his fitness to be our leader as a country."

"I think we could do better as the Democratic Party," he said. "I feel like if someone younger and more fit could come into service, I feel like that would be a huge step in the right direction."

‘Time to retire’: Americans weigh in on Biden’s fitness for office Video


placeholderThe White House has characterized videos of the president appearing frozen or confused as "cheap fakes" and "misinformation" peddled by conservatives.

"He's aging. It's life," Takiya said. "The press can't alter his physical appearance nor his actual age."

Evelyn in Oregon said Biden "just seems like he's not with the program."

"I really don't think it's any ‘cheap fakes,'" she said. "He's just gradually gone downhill."

Many told Fox News Digital they don't see the same issues with Trump, who turned 78 this month. The former president has been busy with campaign events, fundraisers and meetings with political allies ahead of the debate. Biden, meanwhile, is scheduled to remain at Camp David prepping with his advisers this week.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump split image

Although President Biden and former President Trump are close in age, several voters said Trump seems more mentally sharp.  (Getty Images)


"Most voters, at the end of the day, it comes down to mental capacity and the ability to handle the job," Joshua said in California. "And I think we've seen that Biden absolutely struggles with that."

He added that, while both men are similar in age, "obviously, Trump shows a much greater ability, in his mental capacities and cognitive functions than Biden."

"If he was his age and was able to function, speak normally, do normal things … that wouldn't be in the question," Samantha said in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. "But he's just not in the mental state to be a president at all."

But for Lucas and Alex from Illinois, the president's perceived cognitive slump likely won't be enough to change their vote.

"I just don't wanna vote for Trump," Alex said.

Trump dances

Former President Donald Trump does a dance after speaking, April 2, 2024, at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

Cheryl from Racine, Wisconsin, said she thinks Biden is mentally capable of running the country, but that many people overemphasize the importance of who sits in the Oval Office.

"It's really not Biden who's running the country," she said. "It's our Congress that really makes most of the decisions."

Thursday's showdown will be the first of two debates between Biden and Trump before the November election. The current and former president will face off in front of CNN moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, but no live audience.

The White House has been critical of reports that Biden isn't mentally or physically up to the job. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mocked a question about a video of Biden standing still while people danced around him during a Juneteenth party earlier this month.

"I didn’t know that not dancing was a health issue," Jean-Pierre said.

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