WATCH: Matt Walsh Slams YouTuber From ‘Ms. Rachel’ For Headlining ‘Queer Fam Pride Jam’ Event For Toddlers

'Is this the 'Happy Pride' Ms. Rachel was talking about?'

A recurring guest on Ms. Rachel, the popular YouTube channel for young children, performed at a pride month event where drag performers went on to dance for young children, providing further evidence that families should steer clear from the content, according to Daily Wire host Matt Walsh.

The event, called the “Queer Fam Pride Jam” was hosted at Chicago, Illinois’ Millenium Park and prominently featured Jules Hoffman, a star on a YouTube channel that has nearly 10 million subscribers for its popular videos for babies and toddlers. The performance came just one day after Ms. Rachel, the woman who runs the channel, posted a video celebrating pride month. The Daily Wire attended the event and captured footage of Hoffman’s performance, as well as performances from the “Chicago Drag Superstars” and “Fabulous Freddie.”

“Is this the ‘Happy Pride’ Ms. Rachel was talking about?” Walsh asked in a post on X. “Celebrating the exposure of children to grown men with fetishes and a penchant for sharing them with little kids?” Walsh also went on to blast Jules Hoffman for her album “Power to the Queer Kids,” the proceeds of which went to the Trevor Project, an organization that encourages transgender identification among children.

Walsh took aim at Rachel Accurso, better known as Ms. Rachel, on Saturday night after she posted a message for pride month in which she said she didn’t care if fans were insulted by her message.“This is a message to conservatives parents,” Walsh wrote. “She doesn’t want your business. You should respond accordingly.”

The “Queer Fam” event headlined by Hoffman was sponsored by the City of Chicago and Lululemon, and was attended by several drag performers, the Mayor of Chicago, and hundreds of children, infants, and toddlers. Members of the “Chicago Drag Superstars” performed in front of the children in tight costumes. Another drag queen even did children’s makeup at a “drag makeover” table to prepare them for a march around the park to celebrate LGBT pride month.

One drag performer danced for children while wearing a tight-fitting outfit, accepting a dollar bill from one child and dropping to the floor in front of another, spreading his legs apart as he posed on the ground.

“Produced by legendary queer dance party Slo ‘Mo & South Loop children’s boutique Kido, the Pride Jam celebrates LGBTQ+ families, kids, and allies with all-ages activities like dance lessons, DJ sets, performances, and more,” a description of the event reads. Another performer taught children “vogueing,” a suggestive style of dance that is popular within the LGBT movement. The performer, who calls himself “Fabulous Freddie,” taught children the dance style and lined them up one-by-one, strutting each down an imaginary “catwalk.”

Accurso responded to the criticism on Monday, saying her embrace for pride month is rooted in her Christianity. “I am a Christian and in the Bible it says the greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbor,” Accurso said. “I love all of my neighbors and that excludes no one.”

Walsh discussed his findings on his Monday show. The segment can be viewed below.

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