Trump hammers Biden on drugs, migrants coming across the border

Former President Donald Trump took aim at President Biden on Thursday for the amount of drugs, such as fentanyl, and migrants coming across the southern border.

Trump claimed that numbers had gone down during his presidency, but that all changed when Biden took office.

"Then he came along, The numbers, have you seen the numbers? Now it's not only the 18 million people that I believe is even low because the gotaways, they don't even talk about gotaways. But the numbers of the amount of drugs and human trafficking in women coming across our border, the worst thing I've ever seen -- at numbers that nobody's ever seen, under him, because the border is so bad," he said on the CNN Presidential Debate Simulcast on Fox News.

"But the number of drugs coming across our border now is, is the largest we've ever had by far," he said.

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