Protesters Accuse Jake Tapper Of Supporting Genocide. His Kids Take It From There.

Code Pink protesters reportedly swarmed the home of CNN anchor Jake Tapper, calling him a “war criminal” and accusing him of supporting “genocide” — and his kids responded by waving from the porch and playing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

A video that circulated via X on Friday showed the protesters in keffiyehs, at least one of whom carried a bullhorn, as they stood on the street outside a house and shouted at the residents inside. The protester with the bullhorn named Tapper specifically, claiming that he was “one of the most negligent, pathetic, complicit, cowardly, lying, and cruel reporters on the CNN team.”

They went on to claim that Tapper had “spewed Israeli propaganda” and had refused to refer to the deaths of civilians in Gaza as a “genocide.”

Tapper’s kids, whose faces are blurred in the video, could be seen standing on a balcony and waving to the protesters — while they blasted the national anthem.

“We hope you’re proud,” the protester with the bullhorn yelled back. “You may be laughing now, but one day you will realize the damage that your dad has caused and I promise this big house won’t be worth it. You’re waving and you’re watching and you think it’s really funny, but the truth is — is that it’s really sick, okay?”

“You should walk away,” the protesters continued to yell at the kids. “Your dad’s a war criminal. War criminal! War criminal! Your dad is lying and killing.”

They went on to claim that Tapper had lied about the Gaza hospital — which was actually struck by a rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists, despite the efforts of many to blame Israel.

The protesters concluded by complaining that Tapper was willing to call Russia’s actions in Ukraine a genocide, but not willing to use the same terms to describe what was happening in Gaza.

Tapper previously complained about the campus protests — led by anti-Israel student groups and agitators — that had taken over colleges all across the country, noting that he was forced to give airtime to the protests that he could have been giving to Gaza.

“We’re covering these protests and covering free speech versus security on campus. This is taking room from my show that I would normally be spending covering what is going on in Gaza,” Tapper said at the time. “I don’t know that the protesters are, from a media perspective, accomplishing what they want to accomplish. I’m actually covering the issue and the pain of the Palestinians and the pain of the Israelis.”

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