Prosecutors grill Hunter Biden's daughter on truck that had 'remnants' of drugs after gun purchase

Prosecutor Leo Wise asked Naomi Biden, Hunter Biden's daughter, about the condition of Hunter’s truck when she borrowed it roughly a week after Hunter purchased the gun.

Naomi said she did not see anything like “remnants” of cocaine in the truck, or any other drug paraphernalia.

This detail is key because she gives the truck back to Hunter on Oct.19. Four days later, on Oct. 23, Hallie Biden finds the gun in the truck. She also finds what she called “remnants” of crack cocaine and some paraphernalia, such as a crack pipe, along with the gun.

She called it a “dusting” of powder. This is key because at this point Hunter Biden had the truck.

The government is trying to show that he was using crack between Oct. 19 and Oct. 23., only one week after he bought the gun and filled out the form at the center of the whole case, where he checked a box that said he was not at the time a user “or addicted to” any controlled substances.

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