Pro-Hamas And Climate Protesters Try To Tag-Team Congressional Baseball Game, Strike Out

Competing protests — of the pro-Hamas and anti-fossil fuels varieties — attempted to disrupt Wednesday evening’s Congressional Baseball Game, but both were quickly dispatched by Capitol Police.

Katie Pavlich shared video of the pro-Hamas group — who were drowned out by attendees who shouted back, “USA! USA!” — holding up signs that read “Let Gaza Live,” “Stop arming Israel,” and “Free Palestine!” The protesters further tried to cause a disturbance while the national anthem was playing, and quickly found themselves headed for the exits, forcefully encouraged by Capitol Police.

“The pro-Hamas losers have infiltrated the Congressional Baseball Game and were promptly drowned out by chants of USA! USA! 🇺🇸 Then the freaks shouted through their Chinese made masks during the National Anthem and were escorted out, to cheers, with their terror flag,” Pavlich posted.

The excitement did not end there, however, as Climate Defiance protesters tagged in and made their attempt to disrupt the game — a move they said was to protest the use of fossil fuels and the fact that Chevron was a sponsor of the charity game.

The group shared their own video of the protesters making their move — most of whom were tackled by police and handcuffed before they made it past the dirt track — and bragged about how they had “taken the field.”

“BREAKING: We have taken the field at the Congressional Baseball Game + play has FROZEN! Congress sends billions of public $$ to subsidize deadly fossil fuels — but the police are tackling us instead. This Chevron-sponsored game cannot continue. This is unconscionable,” they posted.

After the protesters were subdued, Larry O’Connor shared a photo of a Capitol Police Officer watching over the game. “Tonight’s MVP at the Congressional Baseball game,” he observed.A follow-up post provided an update from the left-wing activist group: “UPDATE: Eight of us have been arrested for shutting down the Congressional Baseball Game. They are behind bars right now. Make no mistake: It’s the Members of Congress who should be locked up.”

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