Police Catch Transgender Suspect Accused Of Double Murder Hiding In Weeds

Law enforcement officials in Utah located a transgender suspect who they believe is responsible for murdering two people inside their home this week who share the same last name as the suspect.

Police began searching for 28-year-old Collin Troy Bailey on Tuesday night after they were called about shots fired in a neighborhood in Washington County.

They said that officers entered the home through the front door and discovered a man and a woman who had been shot to death.

Police identified Bailey as the sole suspect in the case and described him as a “transgender male transitioning to a female and [who] currently goes by the name of Mia Bailey.” They said that he wears “wigs and is known to change hairstyles frequently.”

Authorities located Bailey hiding in a field of weeds on Wednesday afternoon and quickly arrested him without further incident, according to video that was recorded from the moment that he was captured.

While no information has been released about the identities of the victims, the Daily Mail reported that the home where the murders happened was listed as Bailey’s home address and others who were listed as living at the residence included “Gail Bailey, 69, and her husband Joseph, 70, who appear to be Bailey’s parents.”

Washington City Police Department Lt. Kory Klotz said that Bailey had a firearm on him when he was located by law enforcement and that he put it on the ground before he was arrested. The weapon was later recovered by law enforcement.

“We have some good news,” said Officer Tiffany Mitchell with the St. George Police Department. “We have the suspect in custody. Everyone is safe. No one else was injured.”


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