Matt Walsh On The Right’s Fight Against Pride Month: ‘We’re Gaining Ground’

Walsh's comment came in an interview with radio host Jesse Kelly

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh explained how the Right has made progress in fighting back against the LGBT pride agenda, telling radio host Jesse Kelly that corporations now need to think twice before going all in for pride month.

“I am seeing … more than I remember in recent years, of companies pulling back on the pride month stuff,” Kelly said in his interview with Walsh, also pointing out that 10 different National Football League teams declined to celebrate pride month. “Are we maybe finally stopping some of this culture war stuff?”

“I think we are gaining some ground. I think there is no question that culturally, when it comes to this sort of thing in particular, we are in a better spot right now than we were two or three years ago,” Walsh answered. “Now, that’s far from saying that we’ve won the culture and that we’re in a great spot, but I do think that, who has gained ground over the last two years and I don’t think it’s that side of it,” he added, referring to the LGBT movement.

“We’ve made it so that a lot of these companies, if they lean too heavily into pride, it’s going to be a problem, we’re making it a problem,” Walsh pointed out. “It’s at least a cost now for these companies. They have something to think about, they have something to weigh. There’s a risk involved if they go too heavy with the pride stuff. That’s probably why some of them are backing away from it.”

The Daily Wire host went on to explain that companies like Target made a serious mistake when they started “very explicitly going after kids,” as well as the broader “child gender transition insanity,” both of which Walsh says pushed normal people away from the movement.

“At the same time, they were also making this explicit play against parental rights, literally treating parents at PTA meetings and school board meetings like terrorists, and that turned out to be a bridge too far.”

The two also discussed Ms. Rachel, a popular YouTuber who makes educational content for babies and toddlers and recently came out in support of pride month.

“There are plenty of parents who will just sit their kids down in front of YouTube and watch videos like this,” Walsh said while discussing her channel, also contending that “making this turn into open LGBT indoctrination … is where this usually ends with these children’s performers.”

“My question is, why people on the Right still continue to patronize things like this, are we this desperate for entertainment for our kids,” Kelly asked. “How in the world does anybody with any right-leaning thought put their kids in front of that crap?”

“The good news is that I’ve heard from a lot of conservative parents who say that they are just done with Ms. Rachel after this,” Walsh explained. “I do think that parents, at least conservative parents, seem to be waking up to this kind of thing more and becoming a little bit more discerning about the stuff they put in front of their kids.”

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