Hulk Actor Smashed For Complaining That People Died During Israeli Hostage Rescue Mission

Actor Mark Ruffalo took some backlash for a Sunday post suggesting that an Israeli military operation — which resulted in the rescue of four hostages held by Hamas terrorists since October 7th — was not worth it because of the number of Palestinian civilians who were supposedly killed.

Ruffalo, who took on the role of the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, repeated the number of casualties declared by the Hamas-controlled Gaza officials and suggested that it was not an even exchange for just four of the remaining hostages.

“It’s so good to see the hostages returned,” Ruffalo began, but pivoted immediately. “A ceasefire would have gotten many more hostages back and no civilians and children killed. This siege is cruel and senseless. Grinding innocent human beings and their culture into blood soaked rubble and dust, to be buried and forgotten. 4 for 274 including kids. It’s a sinful equation that keeps repeating.”

Critics quickly pointed out to Ruffalo that the hostages were not “returned,” they were rescued — and one noted that there was a very simple way to avoid any civilian casualties in the future.

The three-step plan Hogeg advocated was as follows: “1. Don’t kidnap innocent people. 2. If you do, don’t hide them among civilians. 3. If you did, don’t complain when those innocent people are rescued.”Rochelle Wentz followed that up with a fourth step: “And don’t complain when the people hiding hostages in their homes are killed or injured during the extraction process. At the point at which they assist Hamas, they become combatants themselves and any consequences for that allegiance are on them.”

“Hey, @MarkRuffalo, you know what would have saved all civilians from being killed? If Hamas hadn’t smashed the ceasefire that existed on Oct. 6 with a genocidal orgy of murder, rape, and kidnapping. For every drop of blood shed since then — on both sides — Hamas bears full guilt,” Jeff Jacoby added.

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