How it works: Hunter Biden trial jury selection

Here is how the initial jury selection process is expected to work: All potential jurors will be told not to read or watch anything about the case in the media, along with other rules.

The potential jurors will be brought in groups of 50, and will be asked what they may know already about the case, if they know anyone involved in the case—including any of the lawyers—and about general things like illegal drugs, politics, and law enforcement.

Those who say they have will be questioned further by the judge who would seek more specifics.

Those in the initial stage of voir dire who answer they cannot be impartial will likely be dismissed.

The process will be trimmed down to about 36 potential jurors, when both the government and defense would then offer preementive strikes.

The final jury will be set with 12, plus four alternates. The process could last as long as several days.

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