FBI agent testifies that Hunter Biden's laptop was not tampered with

After the defense's cross-examination of FBI special agent Erika Jensen concluded Wednesday, she was asked by prosecutors during redirect whether the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop had been tampered with.

Prosecutor Derek Hines began the redirect of Jensen by asking her if she had seen any evidence of tampering on Biden's laptop when the FBI obtained it. She responded, “No."

Hines also went to Biden's bank records from August 2018 and showed that they were not cash payments, but visa check card payments to the rehab facility, Airbnb, and to Sober Companion.

Additionally, Hines reviewed liquor store receipts. There were eight separate transactions from Oct. 1 to Oct. 30, 2018. They were all check cards, not cash.

Hunter Biden attorney Abbe Lowell previously suggested that some of the cash from the withdrawals Jensen tried to link to the October 2018 gun purchase were spent by Biden on rehab, rent, and tuition for his daughter. He insisted the money was withdrawn for lots of reasons.

Following the redirect of Jensen, court took a short break

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