Cotton Calls For January 6 Style Probe Into Left-Wing Terrorist Supporters Who Vandalized Monuments In D.C.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said on Sunday that he wants to see a criminal investigation into the left-wing terrorist supporters who vandalized monuments in Washington, D.C., over the weekend.

Cotton, who is rumored to be moving up President Donald Trump’s list of potential vice presidential running mates, made the remarks on social media after thousands of pro-Hamas demonstrators flooded D.C. over the weekend and demanded the U.S. end the limited support that it is giving Israel.

“Anti-American, pro-Hamas thugs desecrated the statues of our veterans literally across the street from the White House, a blatant violation of federal law. On Video,” Cotton posted on X. “I expect the Department of Justice to use every technique against them that it used against grandmas in MAGA hats on January 6. And if it doesn’t now, it will next year.”

Cotton also addressed the incident during a Sunday interview on Fox News, saying that “Joe Biden’s government allowed it to happen.”

“I bet we’re not going to see any arrests or prosecutions for violating that law,” Cotton said. “I’ll introduce legislation this week that imposes stiffer penalties so we can lock these lunatics up.”

Another Hamas supporter wore a Hamas headband while holding up a fake bloodied head of President Joe Biden.

Numerous individuals at the event wore Hamas headbands while others held up signs explicitly expressing support for the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. One sign said, “F*GS 4 HAMAS”.

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