Cocaine residue found in pouch Hunter Biden used to store gun: forensic chemist

Dr. Jason Brewer, who is considered an expert witness in the field of forensic chemistry, testified Friday that the testing he conducted on the brown leather patch used by Hunter Biden to store the gun contained cocaine residue.

The prosecution presented government exhibit 4 to Brewer on the stand, and showed pictures of that exhibit, which is the brown pouch where the gun was stored.

Inside the flaps, and on the bag, a small amount of white powder was seen. Samples of it were taken by Brewer.

Based on the testing conducted by Brewer, his conclusion was that residuals of cocaine were identified in the sample. He could not specify whether it was crack specifically because there was such a small sample.

Brewer could only tell if there were drugs present. He cannot speak to anything about who put them there and when the cocaine was put there.

Under cross-examination by the defense, Brewer was asked if his testing indicated when the cocaine residue got on the leather pouch and who put it there. Brewer said it did not.

The defense also asked Brewer if he tested the pouch for fingerprints. He said he didn't and that the testing was just a chemistry examination of the residue.

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