Burgum Challenges CNN To Ask Joe Biden Questions About Hunter Biden’s Laptop At Debate

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum pushed CNN over the weekend to challenge President Joe Biden in this week’s upcoming presidential debate over false claims that he made in 2020 about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Burgum, who is one of the candidates that Trump is considering for his vice presidential running mate, made the remarks during a Sunday interview with Kaitlan Collins on “State of the Union” when asked how important he thought it was for Trump to have a “strong performance.”

“Well, I think it’s something that America is very excited to look forward to, and I’m sure it’s going to be a very good debate,” he said. “But I think, again, there has been a real effort on the Biden team to try to lower expectations. But I think we have to look at the guy’s run for office more than a dozen times. He’s run for president four times. He’s been campaigning since President Nixon was in office.”

Burgum then addressed Hunter Biden’s laptop, which Biden falsely claimed was “Russian disinformation.” The laptop was later used as evidence in a criminal trial against Hunter Biden where he was convicted of multiple weapons charges.

“I think this is a real opportunity for CNN, most trusted name in news, to ask some tough questions, because this is a rematch,” Burgum said. “And when we had this debate just before the election four years ago, Joe Biden looked into the camera and said that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a smear campaign, Russian disinformation, called it garbage.

“And now we know that none of that is true,” he added. “And I think this is an opportunity. I think America is waiting. I mean, CNN’s got an opportunity to ask tough questions of both these candidates.”

Collins claimed that there would be “tough questions for everybody” at the debate

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