Burgum Blasts Report Claiming Trump Offered To Cut Regs If Oil CEOs Gave $1 Billion To Campaign Effort: ‘Did Not Happen’

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum flatly denied over the weekend a report in The Washington Post that claimed that former President Donald Trump offered to cut regulations for oil companies if their executives raised a billion dollars for his efforts to retake the White House.

Burgum made the remarks during a Sunday interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” with host Margaret Brennan when asked about the recent report.

“I was at that meeting,” Burgum said. “That did not happen. That is not what happened at that meeting. And that’s been reported over and over and over again.”

“He didn’t ask for a billion dollars in donations, and there was no quid pro quo,” he continued. “I mean, think what he did last time for the energy — this guy cut regulation for everybody, whether they donated to him or not. He helped get gas prices down for all Americans, Republicans, independents and Democrats, whether they donated to him or not.”

He said that it infuriated him that people who were not at the meeting “report it like it’s a fact, when it’s not a fact.”

“He didn’t make promises. He listened,” Burgum later added. “He went around the room for two hours asking each of the people to tell me, what are your challenges, what are you facing, what are the — what are the things — he was there learning the whole night about the challenges that we’re facing.”

Burgum noted that oil executives are not always thrilled with Trump because Trump wants to lower oil prices.

“Oil executives are not thrilled when he says, ‘I’m going to get oil prices down,'” he said. “You know, they make more money when oil prices are up.”


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