ABC News Trashed For ‘Outing’ Hunter Biden Juror In Ambush Interview

ABC News fielded some backlash on Wednesday after the network revealed the identity of a juror in Hunter Biden’s just-concluded trial on federal gun charges, showing his face on camera when other networks had opted to either keep the camera behind him or blur his image.

“Juror #10” spoke to several networks after the conclusion of the younger Biden’s trial — during which Hunter was found guilty on three felony gun charges — and specifically told Fox News that he preferred to remain anonymous because of how difficult and how politically fraught the trial had been.

“Honestly, this is quite heart-wrenching because this trial that I — like I said, I never expected to be on a trial like this. I was sitting here today and I listened to all the evidence, and, you know, looking at Mr. Biden over there, you can’t help but take some of these things into factor,” he told Fox News in an audio-only interview. “You know, we’re looking at him. We’re looking at his family. And then at some point, you just got to turn away and, you know, focus more on what the defense is saying, what the prosecution’s saying.”

And as Newsbusters associate editor Nicholas Fondacaro noted, at least two other networks honored Juror #10’s request to remain anonymous and off-camera. CNN also did an audio-only interview with Juror 10.

“One of these things is not like the other: ABC outs the identity of Juror 10 of the Hunter Biden trial. CBS and NBC took precautions to obscure his face while talking with him, both noted that he wanted his identity protected,” he posted, sharing screenshots from all three networks.

“CBS did their interview with Juror 10’s back to the camera. NBC did the same and took the added step of blurring his form. ABC seemingly ambushed him in a parking garage and shoved a camera in his face,” he added.

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