What text messages have been revealed during the Trump trial?

A number of text messages have been presented to the jury during the unprecedented criminal trial of former President Trump.

One exchange was presented during the testimony of Keith Davidson. Davidson served as an attorney who once represented Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Davidson sent a text message to National Enquirer Editor Dylan Howard.

“I have a blockbuster Trump story,” he wrote.

“Talk first thing I will get you more than anyone for it,” Howard replied. “You know why.”

Howard added: “Did he cheat on Melania? Do you know if the affair was during his marriage to Melania?”

Davidson replied: “I really cannot say yet. Sorry.”

Meanwhile, Davidson testified Stormy Daniels’ denial of an affair with Trump was technically true. He also testified that the money ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen paid her was not a payoff, but a "consideration."

Trump’s defense attorneys, during cross-examination, played audio recordings of Davidson, in which he can be heard admitting Cohen did not need permission from Trump to make the payment to Daniels.

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