‘Very Good For The Columbia Brand To Be Degraded’: Ben Shapiro Blasts Ivy League School On ‘Gutfeld!’ Late-Night Talk Show

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro joined “king of late night” Greg Gutfeld on his eponymous Fox News talk show Wednesday night, discussing multiple issues, including backlash to the anti-Israel protest at Columbia University.

Gutfeld asked his guests about 13 federal judges saying earlier this week that they will no longer hire law clerks from Columbia after the university sat by idly for days as anti-Israel protesters camped out on school property and took over a Columbia building. Gutfeld said he is “torn” over the move, adding that he “like[s] that this message is being sent, but at the same time, how do we know that it’s those guys that are [protesting]?”

Shapiro replied, saying, it’s unknown who exactly from Columbia is participating in the anti-America — and anti-Israel — demonstrations.

“It’s unfair, but also good,” Shapiro said. “It is unfair to a bunch of Columbia Law grads who are not participating in this stupidity, but it is very good for the Columbia brand to be degraded in this way.”

“If you worked at Enron, you might not have been involved in the scam that was Enron, but you’re not going to be hired at your next job if you put that on your resume,” he added. “What Columbia is doing right now is burning out its own reputation, and they richly deserve everything that’s about to happen to them over the course of the next ten years.”

Anti-Israel demonstrators camped out on Columbia University’s campus for over a week before dozens of them stormed the school’s Hamilton Hall and illegally occupied it for hours, demanding Columbia divest from Israel. NYPD officers moved in on the protesters in Hamilton Hall last week, arresting dozens of people.

Columbia President Minouche Shafik called the Hamilton Hall occupation a “violent act.”

“A group of protesters crossed a new line with the occupation of Hamilton Hall,” Shafik said. “It was a violent act that put our students at risk, as well as putting the protesters at risk. I walked through the building and saw the damage which was distressing.”

She added that she believes those leading the anti-Israel demonstrators included Columbia students who were led “by individuals who are not affiliated with the University.

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