Verizon senior analyst offers insight to court on how company stores records

Jennie Tomalin, a witness called to testify by the prosecution, works for Verizon telecom company.

Tomalin serves as a senior analyst in executive relations and has been in that role for seven years. She often appears in court as a custodian of records.

People’s 401 – records from 2015 to 2018 that relate to 12 different phone numbers belonging to Verizon customers – were made and kept by Verizon. The records were date captured and stored in an electronic database.

The first page pulled up from People’s 401 is records for former Trump Organization CEO Alan Weisselberg.

Tomalin was in court Friday to explain how phone records are kept by Verizon.

Tomalin testimony concludes and jury is excused for morning break.

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