SHOW CHAOS Bambie Thug misses Eurovision final dress rehearsal after ‘situation’ while waiting to go on stage

BAMBIE Thug has missed their dress rehearsal before tonight's big final after a "situation" backstage that needed "urgent attention from the EBU".

Ireland's Eurovision entry, who will perform Doomsday Blue in Malmo this evening, took to social media to update fans who had gathered to see them.

The singer said there was a 'situation' that needed 'urgent attention' from the European Broadcasting Union
The singer said there was a 'situation' that needed 'urgent attention' from the European Broadcasting UnionCredit: Reuters
Bambie Thug was unable to take part in their dress rehearsal
Bambie Thug was unable to take part in their dress rehearsalCredit: Andres Poveda LTD
Bambie Thug will perform Doomsday Blue for Ireland
Bambie Thug will perform Doomsday Blue for IrelandCredit: Andres Poveda LTD

The Cork star said they "hope to see" their supporters at the final tonight.

Bambie wrote on Instagram: "There was a situation while we were waiting to go to stage for the flag parade rehearsal which I felt needed urgent attention from the EBU.

“The EBU have taken this matter seriously and we have been in a discussion about what action needs to be taken.

"This means I have missed my dress rehearsal.

“I am really sorry to the fans that have come to see me. I hope to see you on the stage tonight.”

It comes after controversial Dutch Eurovision act Joost Klein was axed from the competition tonight.

Police are investigating an "incident" reported by a female member of the production crew.

The star was banned from the contest in Malmo, Sweden, after multiple complaints and bullying claimsThe flamboyant performer has now been told he will not be performing along with Eurovision acts from 25 other countries in tonight's final.

Meanwhile, Eurovision royalty Cheryl Baker has tipped Ireland to win tonight’s final.The Bucks Fizz legend reckons our Bambie Thug has got what it takes to take top spot.

Cheryl, the 1981 winner with Making Your Mind Up, said: “I love Ireland’s entry.

“They have a very strong entry from Bambie Thug this year, which I think will finish in the top three in the final and I even think can win it!

"The song is so weird, it’s so dark but then transforms into what I would describe as a typical Irish song – a little bit floaty and a more stereotypical Irish tune, one much like the Ireland of old and the sort of thing they have entered into the contest before.”

Croatia’s Baby Lasagna is currently bookies favourite to win with song Rim Tim Tagi Dim, followed by Israel and Switzerland.

But Bambie has called on Oscar winner and fellow Corkman Cillian to press the nuclear button with his worldwide following to vote for them tonightBambie told The Irish Sun: “Cillian Murphy, make everyone vote for me! Tell all your fans.

"It would be an amazing year for Cork too if after Cillian won his Oscar, we get the Eurovision too.”


THE European Broadcasting Union organises the Eurovision Song Contest each year.

Countries entering the contest must follow a set of rules made by the EBU and approved by the contest's governing body, the Reference Group.

They include rules around song choice, the amount of artists on stage, live performances and the age of the performers.

The EBU's values are universality, independence, excellence, diversity, accountability and innovation.

The Eurovision website reads: "The Participating Broadcasters shall at all times respect the EBU and the ESC Values and take all steps to protect the integrity of the ESC and of the Shows. 

"They shall ensure that no contestant, delegation or country is discriminated and/or ridiculed in any manner."

The EBU is the world’s leading alliance of public service media with 113 member organisations in 56 countries.

It also has associate channels in Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas.

EBU members together have an audience of more than one billion people around the globe.

Bambie Thug has been tipped to win by Eurovision royalty
Bambie Thug has been tipped to win by Eurovision royaltyC

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