Severe weather outbreak expected to spawn strong tornadoes across Midwest on Tuesday

The worst storms on Tuesday are expected in Iowa, northern Missouri, northwestern Illinois, southwestern Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota. Any severe storms could produce a few strong tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail.

 Rounds of powerful storms are expected in the Midwest on Tuesday, continuing a dayslong severe weather threat for several parts of the U.S. 

The FOX Forecast Center said a big cold front will be sweeping through the heart of the country, affecting major cities from Chicago to Dallas. Ahead of the cold front, there will be a favorable environment for supporting severe storms as the atmosphere becomes very unstable.

Three-hour radar loop. Warning boxes are color coded as: Severe Thunderstorm Warnings in yellow, Tornado Warnings in red, Tornado Warnings with a confirmed tornado in purple, Flash Flood Warnings in green and Flash Flood Emergencies in pink. 
(FOX Weather)


Severe thunderstorms rumbled across parts of Iowa and Nebraska on Tuesday morning. 

Kris Shejson captured the video below showing the low visibility caused by heavy rain and strong winds in West Des Moines, Iowa.

The storms produced quarter-sized hail near Waukee, Iowa, while a 79-mph wind gust and heavy rain were reported near Fontanelle, Iowa. In Adel, Iowa, there were reports of large trees knocked down. The Council Bluffs Police Department in Iowa reported flooding in parts of the city.

In Jasper County, Iowa, flash flooding has prompted a travel advisory and local disaster declaration. No injuries have been reported. However, several homes and properties have been impacted by the flooding, authortities said.

The Omaha, Nebraska, Fire Department reported that rescue crews conducted numerous water rescues following Tuesday morning's storm.

The worst storms on Tuesday are expected in Iowa, northern Missouri, northwestern Illinois, southwestern Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota. Any severe storms could produce a few strong tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail.

"We're going to have multiple tornadoes today (Tuesday). It's not an if. It's a where," FOX Weather Meteorologist Britta Merwin said. "We know that the highest priority and the highest likelihood of seeing these powerful tornadoes will be Iowa, because that's where we have the wind shear."

A Tornado Watch is in effect for parts of western Iowa, northwestern Missouri, eastern Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota until 5 p.m. CDT Tuesday.

A map showing the current Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Watches.
(FOX Weather)


More than 4 million people are at a Level 4 out of 5 risk of severe weather on Tuesday. This includes the cities of Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Waterloo in Iowa, St. Joseph in Missouri and Rochester in Minnesota.

The severe weather outlook for Tuesday.
(FOX Weather)


Storms should develop earlier compared to the previous couple of days, making for a longer day of tracking storms, the FOX Forecast Center said.

More dangerous storms Wednesday-Thursday

The line of storms will continue into Wednesday, stretching from the eastern Great Lakes down to the Plains. 

The FOX Forecast Center said details are still unclear on how Wednesday plays out, but ingredients are in place for at least a day of damaging wind gusts and large hail. The highest threat of severe weather will extend from North Texas to the Missouri Bootheel.

The severe weather outlook for Wednesday.
(FOX Weather)


The cold front slows down on Thursday, and a new low-pressure system will likely form much farther south, putting the bull's-eye on the central and southern Plains and the Ark-La-Tex region. These storms will stay out of Houston but will be a problem for cities like Dallas and Little Rock, Arkansas.

All severe storm threats look to be on the table, including damaging winds, large hail and a couple of tornadoes. The flash flood threat will also ramp up as waves of heavy rain move in.

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