Sen. Vance calls for DOJ investigation into Judge Merchan's 'clearly illegal' gag order of Trump

Ohio Republican Sen. JD Vance sent a letter Wednesday morning to Attorney General Merrick Garland, requesting an investigation into Judge Juan Merchan over former President Donald Trump's "clearly illegal" gag order.

"Judge Juan Merchan's unconstitutional gag order violates President Trump's First Amendment rights and is clearly illegal," Vance wrote in a post to X. "This morning, I sent a letter to the Attorney General requesting that he investigate Merchan's actions and consider prosecution for any criminal wrongdoing."

"At the very least, he should issue a document retention request so that future administrations can determine whether any illegal conduct transpired," he added in another post. "This case has shaken the People's trust in our justice system. We must rebuild it."

In his letter, Vance insisted "public evidence suggests that an investigation is warranted at least" and that "all indications are that the responsible parties have their sights set, not only on rights protected by the Constitution, but on rightsholders of core federal concern, including the leading candidate for the presidency."

Citing a number of statues, Vance claimed "Merchan's inquisition of Donald Trump has all the markings of an appropriate case."

"Merchan has imposed a prior restraint on the protected speech of a former president who is now leading presidential polling of the next election," Vance wrote. "On Merchan's orders, a Republican presidential candidate has been made powerless to question the credibility of the witness testifying against him, the motivations of the prosecutors pursuing him, or the impartiality of the apparently conflicted judge fining him."

"That would be disfavored in the best of circumstances," the Ohio Republican added. "It was not long ago that even the most liberal justices on the Supreme Court denounced so-called 'gag-orders.'"

Vance also concluded that Merchan has "done his best to deprive" Trump of his First Amendment Rights and a fair trial by an impartial jury.

Vance called on Garland to issue a response on whether he would open a criminal investigation into Judge Merchan by June 28.

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