SAD NEWS The 1% Club fans devastated as contestant dies after filming – flooding ITV show with condolences

VIEWERS of The 1% Club have been left floored after a show contestant was revealed to have died after filming took place.

The Saturday night TV favourite, fronted by Lee Mack, regularly sees the host interacting with the programme's 100 contestants who often come with larger-than-life anecdotes.

Lee Mack's The 1% Club fans were devastated to discover a contestant had died
Lee Mack's The 1% Club fans were devastated to discover a contestant had diedCredit: ITV
Steven Wong passed away after filming
Steven Wong passed away after filmingCredit: ITV

One person hoping to win the £100,000 prize was Steven Wong, 52, who Lee chatted to on the latest edition of the show.

In sad news, it was revealed that Steven had passed away earlier this year before his episode of the quiz show had been broadcast.

Steven was one of this show's most memorable contenders thanks to his tales of almost landing a part in a major movie as a child.

During a chat with Lee, he shared the story about his brush with Hollywood by confirming that he was the second choice for a role in the hit blockbuster, Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom.His tale had Lee gasping as he recounted his chances of being so close to becoming a film star.

Recalling how his parents had taken him for an acting audition as a child, Steven said: "I didn't realise this but apparently we got down to the final two and it was me and another kid.

"Don't forget this was only when I was about 10!"

His huge Indiana Jones franchise revelation left his fellow contestants gobsmacked.

In a sad turn, a message at the end of the programme confirmed that Steven had passed away as The 1% Club paid tribute to him.

It read: "In memory of Steven Wong. 1972-2024

The revelation that he had died left fans devastated as they rushed to share their condolences to the player online.

One stunned fan said: "Very sad to hear about Steven Wong. Thoughts are with his family."

Another simply penned: "RIP Steven Wong."

The show shared a tribute message at the end of the episode

The show shared a tribute message at the end of the episode
Steven almost became a huge Hollywood star
Steven almost became a huge Hollywood starCredit: ITV

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