Paramount+ Acquires Documentary On October 7: ‘We Will Dance Again’

Paramount+ has acquired a documentary focused on the brutal October 7th Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel, featuring interviews with survivors who were present at the Nova Music Festival when the attacks began.

According to an article published Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter, the project — undertaken by See It Now Studios — features exclusive footage and eyewitness accounts of the Hamas attacks, including footage taken by witnesses and terrorists as the events of that day unfolded.

Susan Zirinsky, president of See It Now Studios, released an official statement regarding the documentary: “The human cost of what happened on October 7th in Israel, and the war in Gaza, has been catastrophic. We can’t tell everyone’s story. This film is about innocent young people, forced to fight for their survival. It is a painful story of unfathomable tragedy, and also of bravery, sacrifice and heroism.”

Deadline reported that the documentary follows the eyewitness accounts of “more than a dozen survivors, many of whom videotaped their experiences as the massacre unfolded.” Their stories, along with footage obtained both from the survivors and from Hamas terrorists, aim to show the world what happened on that horrific day.

The project, which was first announced just weeks after October 7th, was directed by Yariv Mozer.

“I have seen things in my life. I have lived through wars. I have fought in wars, and I have even filmed during a war. But nothing prepared me for the harsh images I have seen in the remains of the massacre that took place at the Nova Music Festival,” Mozer said of the project. “I see it as my duty as a documentary filmmaker to bring to the world the testimonies and horrific stories from the survivors of this slaughter. Young women and men whose only sin was their desire for music, and the passion to celebrate free love, spirit and freedom.”

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