NBC To Promote ‘LGBTQI+ Tolerance’ By Bombarding Audiences With Gay Animal Sex

NBC plans to promote “LGBTQI+ tolerance” with a television special highlighting same-sex relations in the animal kingdom.

According to an article published Thursday by IndieWire, “Queer Planet” will be available to stream via NBCUniversal’s Peacock on June 6th as part of the network’s celebration of PRIDE month.


“We’ve all heard of gay penguins, but this film really opened my eyes to the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ behaviors across the natural world,” narrator Andrew Rannells said in a press statement. “And what could be more natural than being who you are? I’m excited to be part of ‘Queer Planet,’ especially during Pride Month, and on Peacock, surely the most colorful and glamorous of all the streaming services.”The feature documentary, according to IndieWire, will feature a number of different “hidden LGBTQ+ communities among animals that have unconventional sexualities and genders” and will feature everything from the aforementioned “gay penguins” to a number of other communities.

The official synopsis of the Martha Holmes-produced documentary touts the project as an exploration of “the rich diversity of animal sexuality — from flamboyant flamingos to pansexual primates, sex-changing clownfish to multi-gendered mushrooms and everything in between. This documentary looks at extraordinary creatures, witnesses amazing behaviors, and introduces the scientists questioning the traditional concept of what’s natural when it comes to sex and gender.”

A number of prominent scientists have signed on to the project, from author Bradley Trevor Greive to ornithologist Dr. Martin Stervander, biologist Dr. Christine Wilkinson, primatologist Dr. Amy Parish, biologist Antonia Forster, entomologist Dr. Tim Cockerill, and evolutionary biologist Dr. Dan Edwards — among others.

Some critics weighed in, however, suggesting that perhaps the animal kingdom should not be held up as an example for humans to emulate.

Animals also practice rape, cannibalism, infanticide, murder, and theft. Humans are meant to be more than animals, because we ARE more than animals. Don’t listen to the evil anti-humans,” Joel Berry said.


You can view the trailer for “Queer Planet”

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