Media Matters Freaks Out Over New Daily Wire Company

The Daily Wire’s launch of Responsible Man earlier this month outraged the leftists over at Media Matters — so much so that they wrote an entire article claiming that The Daily Wire’s marketing for the new vitamin company “tries to cash in on fear of trans people and drag queens.”

On May 1, The Daily Wire proudly announced the launch of Responsible Man, a new company from Daily Wire Ventures, because men’s health products kind of suck. Instead of focusing on promoting the alphabet soup of trans, queer, and “non-binary” inclusion, Responsible Man exists to give you the best, high-quality men’s health products without any woke garbage piled on top of it.

But Media Matters is upset because it says The Daily Wire is “fearmongering about some of the outlet’s frequent targets, namely gender-affirming care and drag queens.” Media Matters calls it “fearmongering” when we point out that you’re sick and tired of companies shoving leftist talking points down your throat. We didn’t make that up. You’ve told us that with your words and your wallet.

We shouldn’t pile on Media Matters too much. It actually did us a big favor by including in its article that we want men to be healthy because the human race depends on it. Men worldwide face decreasing sperm counts, according to recent studies, with some scientists pointing to poor health caused by obesity, a bad diet, drinking, and smoking as possible factors. Responsible Man wants to help keep men healthy without trying to convince them that drag queens and puberty blockers are cool.

That’s why Responsible Man introduced the Emerson Multivitamin, a physician-formulated, robust supplement made up of 33 key premium ingredients that helps fill nutrient gaps to support your immune system, maintain energy production, sharpen brain cognition, and support the health of your heart and muscles.​​

The Emerson Multivitamin is delivered to you in an exceptional matte black aluminum tin, containing manly green vitamin capsules that are smooth, easy to take, and the best part: they are mint-essenced for a great smell and taste.

Media Matters is upset that we “single[d] out” Men’s Health magazine for running an article titled “Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Language and Media Literacy Program.” The article pushes you to “Explore the origin, evolution, and current usage of words and phrases used to talk about queer and trans people.”

“So many people assume that Men’s Health is only for cisgender, heterosexual, masculine presenting men. I’m here to tell you, as a queer trans nonbinary human, that’s false,” the Men’s Health article states. In other words, “Men’s Health” isn’t for men at all because what is a man anyway?

At Responsible Man, we know what a man is and we’ll never be ashamed to celebrate manhood no matter how many articles Media Matters writes.

Emerson Multivitamin is currently in stock and will ship immediately. But you need to act fast. There’s a limited number available, so take advantage today and save 30%

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