Judges Reject Hunter Biden’s Claim Of Juror Bias And Political Prosecution, Gun Case Set For Trial

Biden DOJ has charged 1,200 January 6 defendants in 93%-Democrat D.C., but Hunter claimed grand jurors might have been biased in his case.

Hunter Biden faced multiple blows in court Thursday, as a judge denied his motion to dismiss his three felony gun charges and an appeals court also ruled against him.

Judge Maryellen Noreika of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware set a three-to-six day trial beginning June 3.

The Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit rejected his appeal, in which Hunter referenced precedent about “former government officials claiming they are immunized from prosecution based on separation-of-powers principles” — even though the first son is not a former government official, and Democrats are zealously seeking to try former president Donald Trump, who is, in state courts.

Hunter also tried to have the charge dismissed by saying the government was bound to a “diversion agreement” that would have eventually made the gun charges go away.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss drafted the deal, then rescinded it last summer after being embarrassed when whistleblowers provided evidence of the DOJ seemingly hamstringing investigators on the case. Prosecutors could not point to a single case in which they had agreed to such a generous “diversion agreement” for felony gun charges for anyone else, and a probation officer declined to approve the deal.

A lawyer for rapper Kodak Black, who received three years in prison for similar charges, said, “There’s no such thing as not getting jail time on a gun charge… 2 tiers of justice?”

Nonetheless, Hunter argued to the court that he is the victim of “selective and vindictive prosecution,” and continued to demand documents to prove it even after the judge shut down the argument. He went so far as to demand information about grand jurors, which is normally secret, because “it remains possible that in this highly-politicized matter, the grand jury was selected without regard to the bias that people might have.”

The judge wrote, “There will be no such evidentiary hearing.”

The DOJ under Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, has charged 1,200 January 6 defendants, sometimes for conduct as petty as trespassing, in D.C., which voted 93% for Biden, and secured a nearly 100% conviction rate.

Hunter’s lawyers also sought to use the court case to compel the production of documents relating to former officials in the Trump administration, including former Attorney General Bill Barr. The judge wrote, “Defendant has failed to show how any of the requested communications among former DOJ and Executive Branch officials could constitute exculpatory evidence,” noting that no one who even communicated with them will testify at trial.

The judge noted that the DOJ has turned over voluminous information to Hunter already, including “a forensic copy of the devices seized from The Mac Shop” — an admission that the Hunter Biden laptop is real, despite government officials suggesting otherwise before the election.

Hunter’s lawyers previously threatened to trigger a “Constitutional crisis” by having President Joe Biden testify at his son’s trial.

Hunter is charged with lying on federal firearms purchase forms that he was not a drug user, despite a raging cocaine addiction. His girlfriend eventually threw his gun in a dumpster. The charge carries a term of up to 10 years in prison.

Days after his gun trial, Hunter is slated to face a second trial on nine tax charges in California.

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