GWU anarchists call for beheadings of school administrators amid anti-Israel encampment

Anarchists at George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, D.C., have apparently called for the beheadings of school administrators amid their continued anti-Israel encampment.

Demonstrators on campus called for the "guillotine" to be used on GW President Ellen Granberg and other school administrators, a resurfaced video posted to social media showed.

"Guillotine, Guillotine, Guillotine, Guillotine" a person repeatedly chanted as others joined in, while some specifically targeted Christopher Alan Bracey, GW’s African American provost, The National Desk (TND) reported. "Bracey, Bracey we see you, you assault students too."

"To the guillotine," another can be heard shouting, per the report. "Off to the motherf****** gallows with you too." 

Several members at the encampment then held a mock court hearing to decide the fate of the administrators, TND reported.

An encampment leader rendered the fake verdict as a Bracey proxy sat before them.

This mock court continued with verdicts for GWU’s board of trustees and for the school’s president, shouting for each of these individuals to be beheaded, per the publication.

The agitators caused chaos in GWU’s U-Yard throughout the night and then resisted police officers after they were called to restore order.

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