FAMILY'S HEARTBREAK Mum ‘can barely speak’ after son, 6, fell to death from 15th floor ‘dangerous’ window as man screamed ‘my boy is dead’

THE devastated mum of a six-year-old boy "can barely speak" after her son reportedly woke up early and fell to his death from a 15th floor window.

The young lad plunged over 150ft from a 15th floor window at Jacobs House on New City Road in east London just before 6am.

A six-year-old boy has fallen to his death at Jacobs House New City Road, east London
A six-year-old boy has fallen to his death at Jacobs House New City Road, east LondonCredit: PA
Witnesses recall hearing a man scream 'my boy'
Witnesses recall hearing a man scream 'my boy'Credit: The Sun
Floral tribute left near to the scene in Plaistow
Floral tribute left near to the scene in PlaistowCredit: PA
The window from which the child fell
The window from which the child fellCredit: Kevin Dunnett
Cops have made no arrests yet
Cops have made no arrests yet

No arrests have been made.

The boy’s auntie, Maryan Hadafow, said locally the tragic lad’s name was Alam Makial.

The relative added the boy’s mother told her the little Arsenal fan had opened the kitchen window after waking up early for school, while his parents slept.

Accompanied by Alam’s grandmother, Maryan said at the scene: “He went in the kitchen and opened the window.

“He got up early to go to school. He was a lovely boy.”

She added: “His mother has complained to Newham Council about that window.

“She sent five emails about how they open, and said they were not safe for her kids, but no-one did anything.”

A mum who lives in the block told the Evening Standard that residents are in "utter shock".

She said: "We know the family. The parents are at the hospital. Other family members are in the flat.

"Apparently, the boy was up early and then fell from the window.

"It was an accident but no one knows how it happened. People are looking for answers."

Another neighbour said: “I spoke to the mum a few weeks ago and I saw her with her son in the lift with her boy, he was lovely. Today she could barely speak."

One witness said a male family member stood over the youngster’s lifeless body screaming “my boy”.

Dad of two JJ Armstrong, 33, saw a distraught man circling the body while shouting: “My boy, my boy, he’s dead”.

JJ, who lives on the 12th floor of the block, told The Sun: “I heard something outside.

“I looked down and saw a man standing over a child screaming ‘my boy, my boy, my boy is dead' repeatedly.

“He was distraught and walking in circles. It was horrible to see.

“I couldn’t go down there because it was too awful.”

The Metropolitan Police said: "We were called at 5.58am on Thursday, May 16 to reports of a child having fallen from height at New City Road, E13.

"Officers, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance attended.

"At the scene a six-year-old boy had fallen from an upper floor of an apartment block.

"Despite the efforts of emergency services he sadly died at the scene. His family are aware and are being supported.

"The death is being treated as unexpected and enquiries are underway to establish the full circumstances."A spokesperson for Newham Council said: “The Council is continuing to establish the facts regarding this tragic incident, until we have further information we're unable to make any further comment.

"Our priority is to support the family at this devastating time.

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