Democrats privately concerned Biden campaign is 'doomed,' worry Trump may even win blue states: report

Multiple polls show Trump leading Biden in many swing states ahead of November

A number of Democratic Party strategists are predicting defeat in the heated race against former President Trump, according to a new report. 

"You don’t want to be that guy who is on the record saying we’re doomed, or the campaign’s bad or Biden’s making mistakes," a Democratic operative speaking anonymously told Politico. "Nobody wants to be that guy." 

"This isn’t, ‘Oh my God, Mitt Romney might become president.’ It’s ‘Oh my God, the democracy might end,'" they said, adding that Biden's low polling numbers have contributed to a "freakout" among Biden supporters. 

A recent Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll found Trump leading Biden in seven key swing states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Biden won every one of those states but North Carolina in 2020 and they were decisive to his victory.


Donald Trump, Joe Biden

President Biden's "stubbornly" poor polling against former President Trump has Democratic strategists worried. (Getty Images)

A Biden adviser revealed to Politico that donors are also concerned about the incumbent president's campaign against Trump. 

The adviser said that it's "much easier to show" donors the weaknesses of Biden's campaign "so while they read it, I can pour a drink."

"The list of why we ‘could’ win is so small I don’t even need to keep the list on my phone," the adviser said. 

But not all Biden supporters are speaking anonymously about their concerns over the 2024 presidential campaign. Outspoken strategist James Carville has been critical of the party's messaging and approach in this election year.

Another Democratic strategist spoke openly about the greatest obstacle that the Biden campaign has to overcome in order to achieve victory in November. 


Trump Bronx rally

Even in blue strongholds like New York City, Trump's aggressive campaigning, especially in places like the South Bronx, has Democrats worried. (Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

"There’s still a path to win this, but they don’t look like a campaign that’s embarking on that path right now," political strategist Pete Giangreco said. "If the frame of this race is, ‘What was better, the 3.5 years under Biden or four years under Trump,’ we lose that every day of the week and twice on Sunday."

Even in blue strongholds like New York City, Trump's aggressive campaigning in the South Bronx has Democrats worried. 

"New York Democrats need to wake up," Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine told the outlet. "The number of people in New York, including people of color that I come across who are saying positive things about Trump, is alarming."

Earlier this month, former Obama advisor and CNN political analyst David Axelrod warned that Biden was making a "terrible mistake" by defiantly defending the state of the economy, saying, "If he doesn't win this race, it may not be Donald Trump that beats him. It may be his own pride."

Veteran Democratic strategist Paul Begala worried in March that third party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Cornel West could "foul it up" for Biden and throw "the whole election to Donald Trump."

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