Comedian Jon Lovitz goes off on anti-Israel agitators, 'Queers for Palestine' protest: 'Most insane thing'

Three anti-Israel protesters arrested for blocking freeway traffic near Disney World on Saturday

Legendary actor and comedian Jon Lovitz slammed a group of anti-Israel agitators from the "Queers for Palestine" group for their "insane" demonstrations after they were arrested for blocking traffic on a Florida freeway close to Walt Disney World over the weekend. 

Lovitz reacted to the pro-Palestinian protests blocking traffic on Interstate 4 on Saturday during "Jesse Watters Primetime," noting the protesters would be thrown "off of buildings" and "killed" for their sexuality alone if they were in Gaza. 


"That's the most insane thing ever because if... those people went to Gaza... Hamas would kill them, literally," Lovitz told Jesse Watters on Tuesday. "They push gay people off of buildings. Israel's a democracy… and I understand it's bad that… civilians in Palestine are getting killed in a war, but it's a war that Hamas started, and they wanted a never-ending war. Now they want a cease-fire."

"I guarantee you, if Israel was losing, there'd be no cease-fire," he continued. "And you can't reason with these people. Hezbollah, years ago, they invaded Israel, killed eight soldiers, kidnapped two, took them back as hostages, so Israel says, no, there's no acceptable losses."

FOX 35 in Orlando reported that troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene and found three women holding "Free Palestine" signs while blocking traffic in the westbound lanes of Interstate 4 at Exit 67.

Anti-Israel agitators block traffic near Disney World in Orlando, FloridaVideo

The three women – 26-year-old Isabella Giannosa; 24-year-old My Truong; and 24-year-old Jenni Nguyen – were taken into custody and arrested before being transported to the Orange County Jail and charged with misdemeanor refusal to obey a police officer.

"There's always obstacles in life, and... you said it. They disrupt the traffic... Hamas disrupted the deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia to normalize relations. They disrupted Jerry Seinfeld's commencement speech... That's what they do," Lovitz said. "They go after certain things... to get press... which they're getting, and… the whole thing's a lie. It's not a genocide. It's a war."

"You know who's organizing it? It's the Students for Justice for Palestine. They have 250 chapters on all the campuses, and they're funded by AMP, which is the American Muslims for Palestine, and AMP they fund, among other things, Hamas, so it's all connected."


Meanwhile, anti-Israel agitators have also disrupted college commencement addresses nationwide in protest of Israel's war against Hamas after its massacre on October 7. 

Dozens of students at Duke University walked out on legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech on Sunday, with some chanting "free Palestine," according to videos of the ceremony posted on social media. The student protesters staged the walkout just as Seinfeld, who is Jewish and a vocal supporter of Israel, was introduced, according to the videos.

Some students carried Palestinian flags as they left the stadium. Other graduates and guests chanted "Jerry! Jerry!" as the comedian took the stage to receive an honorary degree. One student told "Fox & Friends" on Monday that despite somewhat misleading media coverage, there was only a small group who protested Seinfeld's speech and an overwhelming majority rallied behind him. 

Jerry Seinfeld graduation speech disrupted by anti-Israel protestersVideo

"[What] you're not seeing on the media is that after these students walk out, and by the way, it's only 40 students… the entire stadium started booing them, and eventually started chanting Jerry's name, clearly in support of him being our commencement speaker," Alanna Peykar, Duke graduate, told Lawrence Jones on Monday. 

"What do they achieve by walking out? They ruined their own graduation and 20 years from now they're going to look back and say, ‘Oh, I ruined my own graduation.’" Lovitz said. "I think people have a right to protest, but... go get a permit and give them a place to protest. They don't have a right to block traffic."

"They don't have a right to ruin other things. I don't think so, but they do have a right to get a permit and protest," he continued. "That's America. You're not going to agree with everybody, but… get a permit and give them a space to do it that's not interfering with everything else."

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