California group demands state restore cancelled graduation ceremonies amid protests

Golden Together, a nonpartisan group in California, is pressing universities and lawmakers to restore the state's many cancelled graduation ceremonies.

Headed by California Republican Steve Hilton and former Democratic state Sen. Gloria Romero, Golden Together claims university and state leaders are failing to stand up to "the mob" and must restore normalcy to campuses.

"We feel very strongly that nobody has been speaking up for the majority of hardworking students who want and expect to complete their studies in the normal way, to have one of the most important moments of their lives, their commencement, their graduation, carry on as normal instead of it being disrupted by this vocal and sometimes violent minority," Hilton, a former Fox News host and political adviser, told Fox News Digital Friday.

"Instead of standing up to the mob, the people in charge both at UCLA, specifically, the University of California generally — 'cause you see this at other UC campuses — and the political leadership of the state, they’ve done absolutely nothing," he said. "They’ve done nothing to insist that classes go on as normal."

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