Viral TikTok creator gets sage advice from elderly folks: 'Don't worry about tomorrow'

'Keep on rockin' and you'll live as long as I have!' one 84-year-old woman said

One Gen Zer is going viral on TikTok for his wholesome content asking elders for their greatest life advice – a formula that has amassed Yair Brachiyahu over 350K followers and nearly 10M likes on the app.

One 95-year-old woman revealed her biggest secret to staying happy and healthy, advising younger generations to not "worry about tomorrow."

"Being up always. Not being negative," she explained in a TikTok video with over 100K likes. "I'm a positive person, I don't worry about tomorrow."


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Brachiyahu started posting man-on-the-street style interviews in September 2023. Since then, his account has garnered over 9 million likes, and over 350K followers.  (iStock)

According to a new study from Gallup, research shows that the "most influential driver" of Gen Z's happiness is their sense of purpose – an identity crisis that older generations are trying to help stop through their words of wisdom.

"When you're younger, you think your career is really important, and it is important," one 80-year-old man explained. "It was only important for what it got me or what it got us. Life is what's really important – your family and friends."

"Appreciate everyday. Do not take things for granted."

— One 79-year-old man said when interviewed by Brachiyahu

Throughout Brachiyahu's account, several elders warned younger generations to not waste so much time and value on establishing themselves in the world, a societal pressure that has left many elders looking back with regret. 

"You go to school, and you tend to think you are going to become something. But really, life is a lot more about being good at whatever you choose," one 70-year-old man shared when asked what is most important in life. "It doesn't matter if you are going to be a scientist, or an astronaut, or a ditch digger. Just be the best there ever was."


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Gallup's study on Gen Z shows more troubling trends among the generation. Seven in 10 Gen Zers say they are happy, but only 60% of happy Gen Zers say that they are motivated to go to school or work, according to reports.

One elder offered a simple, yet effective way to stay happy throughout your life: "Have fun."

"Have fun, enjoy yourself. Enjoy the years because eventually they'll go by. When you're young, you never think you're going to be old… but it happens. Somehow, someway," one 93-year-old said.

"Listen and learn," another 71-year-old woman added. "Even if I tell you if you put your hand in the fire it'll burn, sometimes you put your finger in there to see what it feels like to get burnt. Make your own path, your own adventure. I can't relive my life, no one can relive my life. Each day is an experience."

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