VIDEO CLUE New CCTV shows final sighting of Jack O’Sullivan, 23, who went missing on night out a month ago as last call revealed

Jack's parents reveal the moment of their son's last call before he vanished

NEW CCTV shows the final sighting of Jack O'Sullivan, who went missing on a night out a month ago.

The 23-year-old vanished after leaving his home to go to a party in Bristol on Saturday, March 2.

Jack O'Sullivan disappeared on March 2
Jack O'Sullivan disappeared on March 2Credit: FAMILY HANDOUT/UNPIXS
Footage shows the 21-year-old around Brunel Lock Road and Brunel Way
Footage shows the 21-year-old around Brunel Lock Road and Brunel WayCredit: AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE/UNPIXS
CCTV shows the young man's last movements
CCTV shows the young man's last movementsCredit: AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE/UNPIXS

He has not been seen or heard from by his family since he went on the night out with his friends.

Newly emerged CCTV footage has now revealed Jack's last movements in the Hotwells area of the city.

Footage shows him walking around Brunel Lock Road and Brunel Way at around 3.15am.

Specialist officers have carried out various searches in the area with support from the dive team, drones and dogs.

Senior investigating officer DI Jason Chidgey said: “We are keeping an open mind about where Jack is but this is very out of character for him and we have been working hard to track his movements that night.

“Detectives have carried out extensive CCTV trawls, house-to-house enquiries, we have deployed a specialist dive team to search the basin and the wider River Avon – due to Jack’s proximity to the river when he was last seen – and have been looking at his phone and why that was active after his last confirmed sighting.”

His anguished family, from North Somerset, have been searching for him, retracing his last known steps.

According to his mum, Catherine O'Sullivan, finding his phone could be a key to figure out what happened to him.Cops revealed Jack's phone was last active a few streets from where he vanished.

He managed to called a friend who remained at the party at 3.24am.

But when the friend returned the call 10 minutes later, Jack could only say "hello" before the line cut out.

However, police said his phone remained active on the Find My Friends app up until 6.44am.

Mrs O'Sullivan said the app showed the phone in Granby Hill in Hotwells - only few streets from the docks.

She added: "It just doesn't make any sense.

"That would be my appeal really would be if somebody picked up a phone for whatever reason or passed a smashed phone or anything, that would give us an indication of where that phone went."

She continued: "We're in a living hell, the tragedy of Jack not being here is killing us.

"But the unanswered questions are confusing us to the point of despair."

Before disappearing, Jack messaged his mum who was expecting him to late after meeting his friends at the party.

But when the parents woke up at 5.25am, they realised thier son wasn't home.

Mrs O'Sullivan added: "I instantly knew there was a problem because it was so unlike Jack.

"We could only go by phone messages that we were getting on my phone from a family group chat and it was giving me a location in Hotwells as to where Jack was.

"So we go there and really nothing came to light, and here we are nearly 30 days after that moment with no further information or sighting."

The mum said spending his birthday without him was "hell on earth".

The desperate parents have now issued a heartfelt plea for anyone with information to come forward.

They said: "We're here to appeal for any information regarding our son Jack O'Sullivan who's no been missing for 31 days.

"He was last seen in this exact spot, just behind us.

"I would just ask if anybody has any information or sightings around 3.12am in the morning on Saturday, March 2 - you may have just been in the area and just noticed something that was slightly out of character, somebody wandering around.

"We're just asking because we really need to find him."

Jack is described as white, slim build with short and brown hair.

He was wearing a quilted green/brown Barbour jacket, a beige woollen jumper, navy chinos and brown leather trainers with white soles when he was last seen.

Cops added: “This is an incredibly difficult and distressing time for Jack’s family and friends and we are continuing our efforts to try and find him.

"It has been one month since Jack was last seen down in the Cumberland Basin area and we continue to appeal for anyone who may have been driving along these roads and may have seen something, or have dashcam footage if they did not see it themselves.

“If you live in the area and have CCTV or video doorbells, please check back to Saturday 2 March and see if you notice anything or anyone meeting Jack’s description.

"The smallest bit of information could make a huge difference in our investigation so, even if you don’t think it is important, we encourage people to still get in touch with us."

Jack left his home to go to a house party in Bristol
Jack left his home to go to a house party in BristolCredit: AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE/UNPIXS
Jack's parents Catherine and Alan have issued a plea for information
Jack's parents Catherine and Alan have issued a plea for informationCredit: AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE/UNPIXS
A map showing the route Jack took before his last confirmed sighting at 3.15am
A map showing the route Jack took before his last confirmed sighting at 3.15am

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