Trump before opening statements: 'These are all Biden trials'

Former President Trump spoke with the press as he entered the Manhattan courtroom to continue his hush money payments trial on Monday.

Trump once again argued that the case against him is a "witch hunt" put together by President Biden's administration. Monday marks the beginning of the second week of Trump's trial, and lawyers for the defense and prosecution will offer their opening statements.

"These are all Biden trials," Trump said of the four indictments against him.

Trump also reacted to a new effort by New York Attorney General Letitia James to void his $175 million bond payment made in relation to the civil fraud case brought against him earlier this year.

Trump put up the $175 million required in the ruling against him, but James now argues the insurance company involved in the payment may not have enough money to uphold the payment.

Trump argued that the civil fraud case will hurt New York's economy as well.

"Businesses will be fleeing because people are treated so badly. It's got to be the most unfriendly place for business, and that's why businesses are leaving," he said.

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